Dr. Himangshu Kakati

Asst.Professor , Dept. of Petroleum Engineering & Earth Sciences

Research Interest:

  • Gas hydrate
  • Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR)
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Design
  • Drilling fluid for Unconventional Resources 



Department of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences

Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy, Visakhapatnam

Teaching Interests

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Oil & Gas Well Testing
  • Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources
  • Petroleum Engineering System Design


PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad

Professional Experience

  • July, 2018 – present: Assistant Professor, IIPE, Visakhapatnam
  • December, 2016 – June, 2018: Assistant Professor, DIT University, Dehradun.

Member of Professional Bodies

  • Professional member of Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)

Journal Publications

1. Kakati H, Kar S, Mandal A, Laik, S. Methane Hydrate Formation and Dissociation in Oil-inWater Emulsion. Energy & Fuel. 

2. Kakati H, Mandal A, Laik S. Phase Stability and Kinetics of CH4 + CO2 + N2 Hydrates in Synthetic Seawater and Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions of NaCl and CaCl2. Journal of Chemical Engineering & Data. 

3.  Kakati H, Mandal A, Laik S. Promoting effect of Al2O3/ZnO – based nanofluid stabilized by SDS surfactant on CH4+C2H6+C3H8 hydrate formation. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry.