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About the Department

The key focus of the Mechanical Engineering department at IIPE is to impart theoretical and practical knowledge to students in the area of oil, gas, and energy sector. The department aims at imparting technical skills to the undergraduate students of IIPE, in the areas of conventional and non-conventional energy sources. The department offers various core mechanical and inter- disciplinary subjects to undergraduate students. The department offers Ph. D program aimed at developing researchers who can innovate and succeed in globally competitive environment. The Ph. D program focuses on various interdisciplinary research such as solar energy, energy conversion devices, turbomachines, grid integrated systems, data analytics and AI for energy sector.


  • To be a globally recognized centre of excellence generating well qualified engineers in the field of oil, gas and energy sectors


  • To provide basic and advanced mechanical engineering education to the graduates through upgraded teaching learning process using advanced tools
  • To enhance the knowledge of graduates in the area of conventional & non-conventional energy sources and the associated process sectors
  • To generate graduates who can innovate and succeed in globally competitive environment To generate graduates who abide by professional ethics and social values and can address socially relevant problems in a sustainable way

Faculty Members

Prof. Arun Kumar Pujari

Prof. H. Sharon

Prof. Nagesh

Prof. C. V Rao