Collaboration and Research Expansion (CARE)

Collaborations will enhance the status and presence of our Institute in the national and international scientific communities. To meet these targets, we have to carefully identify Universities and Research Institutes to initiate collaboration programs. The Collaboration and Research Expansion program (CARE) will help the faculty members to collaborate with reputed Professors/Scientists and carry out both idea-based and instrument-based advanced research. The CARE will help the faculty members to expand their research horizons, explore unchartered research domains and strike new research collaborations. A report has to be submitted within a month of initiating CARE scheme by the faculty to the Dean (R&D) office on the collaboration activities and make a presentation for the benefit Faculty and research scholars.

CARE Application Proforma

CARE Completion Report Proforma

The following are the Revised Guidelines:

Revised Guidelines

Collaboration and Research Expansion Forms

Form No Details PDF Doc
Form CARE -01CARE Application ProformaPDFDoc
Form CARE -02CARE Completion Report ProformaPDFDoc