About the Institute

        The Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy (IIPE), Vishakhapatnam, is an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India and is an 'Institution of National Importance at par with IITs. Vishakhapatnam (Vizag), the City of Destiny, is a beautiful coastal city at the edge of Eastern Ghats located in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is known for its beaches, hill stations, ancient temples, museums, and parks.

About the Conference

       This conference is the first in series of International Conference on Trends in Chemical, Energy and Environmental Engineering.

       Sustainability is the key mantra for equitable growth for very long periods of time. Sustainability is all pervasive, and finds its place in chemical processing, energy harnessing, mineral exploration, material development and all related technologies. Product and process development, simulation and modelling have added new dimensions to research in these fields. Responsibility of ensuring that the advancements are environmentally benign, while improving the health and wellbeing of all citizens is on academicians, scientists and industry professionals.

       In this context, an international conference on chemical, energy and environmental engineering is planned to provide a platform for comprehensive dissemination of knowledge and exchange of ideas in related fields among the academicians, scientists and industry professionals.

Conference Flyer

Thematic Areas

ChemEEE 2024 welcomes research papers on the following topics but not limited to:
  • Process safety
  • Carbon Capture, Utilization, Sequestration
  • Composite Materials
  • Environmental Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
  • Environmental Pollution Control
  • Green Technology
  • Instrumentation and Process Control
  • Molecular Dynamic Simulations
  • Nanomaterials Synthesis & Characterization
  • Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemicals
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Engineering
  • Process and Product Development
  • Process Intensification
  • Process Modelling, Simulation & Optimization
  • Reaction Engineering and Catalysis
  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Transport Processes
  • Waste Management

Keynote Speakers

Prof. Venkat Venkatasubramanian
Department of Chemical Engineering
Columbia University, USA
Prof. Ravindra D Gudi
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Bombay
Prof. Ramesh Goel
Department of Civil & Environmental
Engineering,University of Utah, USA
Dr. Madhukar Garg
R&D Refining and Petrochemicals
Reliance Industries Limited

Expert Speakers

Dr. Vijaysai Prasad
Head of Water Technology Center - R&D
Digital & Knowledge Hub, L&T, Chennai
Prof. Tanmay Basak
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Madras
Dr. N. Siva Mohan Reddy
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Roorke
Dr. Resmi Suresh
Data scientist - Process Data Modelling,
Chemometrics and Digital Chemistry

Call for Abstracts

    Authors are requested to submit their abstract in the given format through the Microsoft CMT Portal. Please follow the below instructions while preparing and submitting your abstract.

Please adhere to the following formatting guidelines for your abstract submission:
  • Ensure that the abstract comprises a minimum of 200 words while not exceeding one A4 page (21 cm x 29.7 cm).
  • Maintain consistent page margins of 2.54 cm for the top, right, left, and bottom margins.
  • Utilize Times New Roman font, size 12pt, with single-spaced lines.
  • The title should be in Times New Roman, size 16 points, bold, and centred. It may span a maximum of two lines and should be followed by one blank line.
  • Author names should be written in Times New Roman, size 12 points, centred, with initials followed by a dot, and family names written in full. When needed to distinguish authors with different affiliations, authors should be separated by commas and marked with superscripts.
  • Author affiliations should be written in Times New Roman, size 11 points, in italics, and centred. If there are multiple affiliations, each should be on a separate line, and the last one should be followed by two blank lines.
  • The abstract text, in Times New Roman, size 12 points, should be justified on both sides. Paragraphs should not be indented and should be separated by one blank line.

Abstract Template
Authors can download the abstract template from here.

Submission Portal

To submit to the ChemEEE - 2024 Conference, please create a new account in the the Microsoft CMT Portal.


Important Dates

Event Deadline
Last date for Abstract Submission 31st December, 2023
15th November, 2023
Notification of Acceptance 01st January, 2024
25th December, 2023
Early Bird Registration closes on 15th January, 2024
Registration Deadline 25th January, 2024

International Advisory Committee

Prof. Aldo Steinfeld
Department of Mechanical and Process
Engineering, ETH Zürich
Prof. K. K. Pant
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Roorkee
Prof. Krishna Pagilla
Department of Civil & Environmental
Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno
Prof. ChangKyoo Yoo
Environmental Science & Environmental
Engineering, Kyung Hee University
Prof. Ravindra D Gudi
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIT Bombay
Prof. Zoltan Nagy
Davidson School of Chemical
Engineering, Purdue University
Prof. Ramon Vilanova Arbos
Department of Telecommunications & Systems Engineering., University of Barcelona
Shri. Kalyan Raman
DGM & Head, CoE (Bio-Tech) and Water
& Wastewater Technology, Thermax
Dr. Ramesh Saagi
Senior Scientist
Dr. Aswani Kumar Mogalicherla
Research Chemical Engineer
Johnson Matthey, UK
Prof. Ibrahim Dincer
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, Ontario Tech University, Canada
Dr. Vijaysai P
Head of Water Technology Center - R&D
Digital & Knowledge Hub, L&T, Chennai
Prof. Vivek Ranade
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Centre in Sustainable Energy,
Queen's University Belfast, UK
Prof. Moses Oludayo Tade
John Curtin Distinguished Professor, WASM: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering,
Curtin University, Australia
Prof. Ashok Pandey
Distinguished Scientist, Centre for Innovation and Translational Research, CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow, India

Organizing Committee


Prof. Shalivahan
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Dr. Venkata Reddy P
Head, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Prof. Seshagiri Rao Ambati
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Dr. Hemanth Kumar T
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Dr. Raka Mondal
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Dr. Sridhar Palla
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Dr. Ravi Kiran M
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Dr. Dipankar Pal
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam

Local Organizing Committee


Dr. Balla Mounika
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Dr. Krishna Sri K
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


Dr. Ravi Kumar Sonwani
Department of Chemical Engineering
IIPE Vishakhapatnam


        The registration fee details are given below. Please note that at least one author should register per accepted paper. Conference registration fee includes kit, proceedings and admission to all technical sessions,lunch, conference dinner, tea/coffee and snacks. It does not include accommodation. Accommodation details, list of nearby Hotels and their tariff will be updated on the conference website.
Early Bird
Category Indian (INR) Others (USD)
Academia / R&D Centers ₹2500 $200
Industry Delegates ₹8000 $300
PG / Research Scholars ₹1500 $100
Accompanying / Non-participants ₹3500 $250
Regular Registration
Category Indian (INR) Others (USD)
Academia / R&D Centers ₹3000 $250
Industry Delegates ₹10000 $350
PG / Research Scholars ₹2000 $150
Accompanying / Non-participants ₹4000 $300


Hotel Greenpark, Waltair Main Road, Visakhapatnam

How to reach the venue

Vishakhapatnam is well connected by road, rail, and airways

By Plane

From Vishakhapatnam International Airport to the Hotel Greenpark (~14 KM).

By Bus

From Vishakhapatnam Bus Stand (RTC Complex) to the Hotel Greenpark (~2.2 KM).

By Train

From Vishakhapatnam Railway station to the Hotel Greenpark (~4 KM).


Day 1 (19 Feb, 2024)

10:45 AM - 11: 45 AM: Keynote-Talk

Prof. Suddhaswata Basu, IIT Delhi

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 21 Sustainable Production of Bio-crude Oil via Hydrous Pyrolysis of Microbial Biomass coupled with Effective Wastewater Treatment G. Goswami, B.B. Makut, D. Das
2 70 Experimental and Machine Learning Model of Solubility of CO2 in Aqueous 1-MPZ Solution for Post-combustion CO2 Capture Sukanta Kumar Dash , Vaibhav Vamjaa, Chetna Shuks
3 110 Thermal degradation of waste plastic to fuel oil using pyrolytic reactor and performance testing in engine Girish N. Desai, Jagadish H. Patil
4 128 Modeling of intensification process of CO2 capture in monoethanolamine (MEA) solution using Rotating Packed Bed Chetna Shukla, Poonam Mishra, Sukanta Dash
5 131 Uncertainty Quantification and Probabilistic Prediction Studies for Decarbonization of CO2 Foam Flooding EOR Process with Hydrogen N.S.V. Dinesh, P. Sivasankar
6 136 Microalgae Cultivation coupled with CO2 capture and biomass valorization R. Sathish, Nilotpala Pradhan, Nabin Kumar Dhal, Kaustubha Mohanty
7 26 A form Stable Composite of Magnetized Nanoparticle Modified Microencapsulated Phase Change Material (MEPCM) for Solar Thermal Energy Management Aiswarya V, Hima P
8 215 Development of Ru-based catalysts for the CO2 reduction: Power to Gas process Venkata D. B. C. Dasireddy, Karen Wilson and Adam F. Lee
9 90 A computational study on the effect of design parameters of dense medium cyclone to treat coal Teja Reddy Vakamalla

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 42 Adsorptive Removal of As (III) and As (V) in Groundwater Indian Ilmenite Vishnu Manirethan
2 56 Delignification of rice straw by alkali treatment to abate environment pollution: Process optimization using Taguchi design P Kalpana, K Monika, S Sharanya, K Santhosh, V John, P Anand
3 60 Efficient Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dye Wastewater Using Zinc-Metal Organic Frameworks: A Sustainable Approach Minu Kumari, Ch. Ch Gupta, S Palla
4 66 A novel PSF modified ZIF-67@[BMIM]Cl mixed matrix membranes for CO2/CH4 gas separation Ajay Gawali, Surendra Sasikumar Jampa, Manish Kumar Sinha
5 71 Implementation of low-cost tubular ceramic membrane for the treatment of dairy wastewater Aditi Brahma, Leesa Chowlu, Shivam Basumatary, Disha Daimary, Chiranjib Das and Ashim Kumar Basumatary
6 85 Photocatalytic degradation of azithromycin using nanocellulosic composites Abhijit Saha And Swambabu Varanasi
7 96 Treatment of pharmaceutical compound contaminated wastewater using hydrodynamic cavitation process Vinit Deshmukh, Dr. Kulbhushan Samal, Abhay Kumar, Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo
8 220 Silicon Dioxide Decorated Cellulose Acetate Mixed Matrix Membranes for Efficient Removal of Safranin-O from Aqueous Solutions Suvarna Pankaj Dhongade, Malkapuram Surya Teja, Murali Mohan Seepana, Shirish Hari Sonawane
9 61 CFD Investigation on Microdroplet Formation in a Non-Newtonian Fluid Using a Co-flow Microfluidic Device Manohar Jammula, Somasekhara Goud Sontti
10 195 Design of advanced control strategies for enhanced nutrient removal in a biological wastewater treatment in the presence of carbon dosages Indranil Dey, Seshagiri Rao Ambati, Abdul Gaffar Sheik
11 216 Thin-Film Nanocomposite Membranes for Wastewater Treatment Noel Jacob Kaleekkal

02:15 PM -02:45 PM: Keynote-Talk

Prof. Nageswara Rao Peela, IIT Guwahati

02:45 PM -03:15 PM: Keynote-Talk

Prof. Siva Mohan Reddy, IIT Roorkee

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 68 Synthesis of super hydrophobic Lotus leaf-like surface- A review. Lakshmi. S. And Dr. Y. K. Suneetha
2 77 Studying the impact of Tween 80 on the mechanism of bioremediation of Methylene blue dye by Bacillus cereus strains Sanchali Bose, P. Senthil Kumar
3 80 A Novel Approach on Analysis of Rice Husk-Derived Biochar for Photocatalytic Decomposition of Congo Red Dye M K Raveena, Sumalatha Boddu
4 83 A Review on Recent Nanomaterials Advancements in Medicine Jyoti Ranjan Patra, Paresh Posan Prusty, Minakshi Padhy
5 89 Heterogeneous Photocatalysis in the Photocatalytic Degradation of Pharmaceuticals and Organic Contaminants - A Review Ratikanta Sethy, Kesharaj Banchhor, Minakshi Padhy
6 111 Enzymatic hydrolysis of chitin for oligomer production. Vaishnavi Sudarsan Perumbully And Dr. Y. K. Suneetha
7 120 Revolutionizing Drug Delivery: Nanotechnology and Targeted Therapies Paresh Posan Prusty, Jyoti Ranjan Patra, Minakshi Padhy
8 123 Extraction of lycopene from tomato using waste cooking oil Siddharth Arvind Singh, Dr. Ayantika Sett
9 126 Exceptional and optimal ultrafiltration performance of PSF/ZIF-8-PEI UF membrane in removing Humic Acid from wastewater using Response Surface Methodology Sapna Gawali, Snigdha Khuntia, Manish Kumar Sinha, Surendra Sasikumar Jampa
10 81 Unraveling the Significance of Drug Delivery: Computational Insights into the Interaction between 5-Fluorouracil and Zeolitic imidazolate Framework (ZIF-8) Gumma Jayasri, Dr. Sridhar Palla, Dr. Hemanth Kumar
11 181 Biotechnological strategies for Nitrous oxide Emission Reduction in Agriculture Vaisnavi Pandey

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 28 Tuning of PID Controllers For Pure Integrating And Unstable Time Delay Systems. Hemalatha Sarisa, Padmasree Ravi.
2 49 Resilient PID Controller Design for Power Systems Amid Communication Delay and Cyber Threats: A Process Control Approach Akash Kumar Deep, G. Lloyds Raja And Gagan Deep Meena
3 59 Estimating the Parameters of SOPTD system using Relay feedback method D.Kishore Devarapalli; Martina Joicy Dondapati; Sai Lakshmi Maipala; Ramesh C Panda
4 166 Design of Cascaded Fractional Order PID (FOPID) Temperature controller for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Srinivasarao Divi, D. Kishore And Hanumanthu Jenne
5 64 Recurrent Neural Network Based Modelling and Control of a Bioreactor for Ethanol Production N. Rajaseskhar, P. Venkatesh, T.K. Radhakrishnan, N. Samsudeen
6 76 Generalized Optimal Decoupled Control technique for Stable, Unstable and Integrating Chemical Plants with Delay and Inverse Response Deepak Kumar And G. Lloyds Raja
7 169 Enhanced Robust Multivariable Centralized PI Controller for Activated Sludge Processes Sanjith S. Anchan, Chinta Sankar Rao
8 17 Assessment of Enabling Factors for Green Manufacturing in Indian Automotive Sector Pranav Gupte, G.P. Shukla
9 192 Integrating SINDy, Kalman Filtering, Object Tracking and MPC in the MIMO Ball-in-Tube Experiment P.R. Dasari, F. Garcia, O. Dogru, B. Huang

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 11 Simultaneous refinery wastewater treatment and value-addition using the hydrocarbonoclastic oleaginous bacterium Rhodococcus opacus as a biological chassis Kannan Pakshirajan
2 116 Isolation of potential microbes for the biodegradation of Congo red dye Alankriti Singh, Seshagiri Rao Ambati, Ravi Kumar Sonwani
3 122 The potential of isolated strains in the production of biosurfactant using waste as a substrate and its application in MEOR Shalini Prajapati, Pankaj Tiwari, Lalit Mohan Pandey
4 139 Biodegradation and detoxification study of Atrazine by bacterial consortium in a recirculating packed-bed biofilm reactor and Toxicity assessment Bhanu Pratap, Himanshu Tiwari, Ram Sharan Singh
5 155 Sustainable approach for Canthaxanthin production by fermentation of Rice straw derived Glucose Devendra Pratap Singh, M. Krishania
6 205 Novel Bioreactor Approach: Bubble Column Adsorption of Textile Dyes with Microbe-Immobilized Carbon Vamshi Krishna, Rajmohan K S
7 210 Efficacy of Tamarind shell powder for the biosorption of Toluidine Blue (TB) Dye: Characterization, Equilibrium studies, kinetics, Thermodynamics Ch. A. I. Raju, Sainaresh, Sanjay, Saketh
8 185 Preparation of nano cellulose from lignocellulosic biomass and its application Puttala Allika, Yerraju Shruthi, Dr. Kalpana P, I. Balakrishna
9 38 Bioremediation Strategies of Petroleum Sludge for Environmental Sustainability Ramesh Kumar Ekka, Aishwarya Sahu, Kashinath Barik, Ipsita Dipamitra Behera
10 218 Inflating the lipogenesis activity in green microalgae, using Myo-inositol molecule for possible application in Insitu-transesterification Muttu Pandian.P, M.Perumalsamy

Day 2 (20 Feb, 2024)

09:30 AM - 10:30 AM: Keynote-Talk

Prof. Ramesh Goel, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 8 Comparative analysis of Stability in various bioreactors with time delay Kavirayani Srikanth
2 69 Anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria that power microbial fuel cells Mahidhara Ganesh
3 97 Removal of rhodamine B dye from wastewater using carbon nano onions Diwakar Patel, Kumud Malika Tripathi, Ravi Kumar Sonwani
4 104 Shaping of Cu-BTC MOF for CO2/CH4, CO2/N2 gas mixture separation Narendra Singh, Suman Dalakoti, Swapnil Divekar, Soumen Das Gupta , Aarti
5 115 Mitigating Environmental Pollution: Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Control with a Dry Flue Gas Desulphurization System Manoj Kumar Thakur And Sreenivas Jayanti
6 125 Microwave pyrolysis of ethanol treated Spirulina and Ficus Benghalensis for biofuel synthesis - A Comparative Study Modi Musalaiah, Pulipati King, Jampana Vishnu Varma, Veluru Sridevi, Husam Talib Hamzah, Hemanth Kumar Tanneru
7 140 Metal Cation Exchange of NaY Zeolite for Methane and Nitrogen Gas Separation Anjali Sharma, Umesh Kumar, Aarti
8 153 Advancing Trace Metal Elimination for Enhanced Potable Water Quality by Electrocoagulation Satish Kumar, Piyal Mondal, M. K. Purkait
9 214 Degradation Of Ciprofloxacin Antibiotic By Photocatalytic Concrete Composites Under Solar Light Dara Kiran And Hari Mahalingam
10 151 Optimizing Oil-Water Transportation: Insights from Droplet Flow Dynamics in Pipelines Shubham Lanjewar, Sundari Ramji

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 142 Kinetic evaluation of methane tri-reforming over Ru-promoted Co/MgO-Al2O3 supported catalyst D. Phanindra L. Kumar Kasina, Mohd. Belal Haider, Neelam Naidu Botcha, V. V. D. N. Prasad and Prasenjit Mondal
2 160 Utilization of CO2 for Methane Production in Underground Coalbed Seams by Biomethanation Process P. Sivasankar
3 175 Evaluation of the adsorption characteristics of Zeolitic imidazolate framework for carbon capture from flue gas Iradat Hussain Mafat and Sridhar Palla
4 5 Optimization of spherical and axial reactors for the hydrogen production Nitin Padhiyar and Md Zafar Ahmed
5 178 Green Nanotechnology - A Solution For Wastes Himanshu Bansal , Prachi Kurhade
6 184 Performance analysis of Tandem Solar Cell with CsxFA1-xPb (IyBrzCl1-y-z)3 based perovskite as Top cell and Si as bottom cell through SCAPS 1D Nitin Kumar, Roshan George Padayatty, Midhun S Nair
7 196 Performance analysis of hydrogen-pongamia biodiesel run dual fuel engine at varying engine load and compression ratio Chunchula Rajesh Babu, Uriti Srinivas M K Patro , Sukanta Roy , Bhaskor Jyoti Bora , Prabhakar Sharma, Sunil S
8 212 Biohydrogen Production: Transition to a Circular Bioeconomy Vaishnavi Srinivasagopal, Raghu Raja Pandiyan.K, A.Venu Vinod
9 99 Fabrication of Sulphonated Poly(ether ketone) Membranes for Enhanced Proton Exchange in Fuel Cells H. Asati, A. Mohanty, S. Ranjan, K. Tripathi, R. Mondal
10 179 Testing Nagkeshar Biodiesel with TiO2 Nanoparticles to Improve Diesel Engine Efficiency and Emissions Akshay Jain, Bhaskor Jyoti Bora, Rakesh Kumar, Prabhakar Sharma
11 204 Development of an Eco-Friendly, Sustainable 3D Printed Composite Material for Energy Saving Applications K.Ramanaiah, G.Durga Devi, A.V.Ratna Prasad, K.Hemachandra Reddy
12 224 Enhancing CO2/CH4 Separation Efficiency: Fabrication and Characterization of Ionic Liquid-Enhanced Ion Gel Membranes Tushar Patil, Swapnil Dharaskar, Surendra Sasi kumar Jampa, Manish kumar Sinha, Mika Sillanpaa, Chang Yoo, Thummalapalli Chandra Sekhara Manikyam Gupta

02:00 PM - 02:45 PM: Keynote-Talk

Prof. Tanmay Basak, IIT Madras

02:45 PM -03:15 PM: Keynote-Talk

Prof. Venkat Venkata Subramanian, Columbia University, USA

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 135 Study of Dissociation Constant (pKa) for Amines Used in Post Combustion CO2 Capture through Titrimetric Method and Effect of Titrant Mehul Darji, Sukanta Kumar Dash, Kalisadhan Mukherjee
2 141 Hydrochar based nanomaterial for pharmaceutical pollutant in aqueous medium Madhu Kumari, Mrudula Pulimi
3 148 Exploring Groundwater Quality Index in the Vicinity of Coal Mines in India: A Critical Review Guntakala Venkatanaga Chandra, Pranab Kumar Ghosh
4 152 Biodiesel Green Synthesis: Waste Eggshell-Derived CaO - Al2O3 Catalysts for Transformation of Waste Cooking Oil Tanmay Akash , Juttiga Durga Sandeep , Yogesh Chandra Sharma , Kumud Malika Tripathi
5 159 Microscopic Theoretical study of Monolayer h-BN on the Ni (111) Surface: a Potential System for Spintronics Applications Sidhanta Sahoo, Sivabrata Sahu, G.C. Rout
6 162 Physical Solubility and Diffusivity of N2O and CO2 in Aqueous Solution of 1-Methylpiperazine Vaibhav Vamja; Sukanta K Dash; Rajib Bandyopadhyay
7 163 Band energy dispersion and tunneling conductance of monolayer insulating Boron Nitride: A minimal tight-binding model study J Lavanya, Sivabrata Sahu, G.C. Rout
8 177 Hydrogen: A Comprehensive Review on Production, Infrastructure, and Transition to a Hydrogen Economy Himanshu Bansal , Prachi Kurhade , Mothukuri Kavya , Shruthi S Rao
9 182 Microalgae Revolution: A Sustainable Path to Carbon Capture and 3rd generation Biofuel Production Meniswani Rout, Shivam Kumar
10 200 Adsorptive studies on removal of rhodomine B using synthesized zno-Np's E Sony, Kolluru Sree Manaswini, N. Chitti Babu
11 201 Development of Bio-Packaging Material from Waste Cooking Oil using Bacillus subtilis Mrunal R. Phadke ,Sumukh V. Malwankar, Ganatej D. Kolamka, Mrunamayee Mangaonkar, Rowena L. Almeida, Ashwathy A. Menon, Jayashri H. Donne, Finola A. M. Pereira, Preksha ,R. Desai

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 20 Advancements In Industrial Waste Management And Navigating Environmental Sustainability Through Innovative Technologies Sri Charan; Pola Naga Deepika; Naina V Sajeev
2 98 Circular Economy Approach for Sustainable Synthesis of Calcium Oxide from Scaling Waste from Water Heating Electric Geyser: An Adsorbent for Efficient Fluoride Removal Vartika Verma, Yogesh C Sharma
3 183 Waste Ashoka Leafs Carbon Exhibits Exceptional Capabilities as a Microwave Absorber in Modern High-Frequency Environments Neetu Kumar, Bijoy Kumar Kuanr
4 191 Optimization of Cu-Zn-Zr Catalyst for Sustainable Methanol Production from Carbon dioxide -An experimental investigation Ansab N P, Himabindu M, Charlie Oommen
5 211 Eggshell-derived Bioplastics: Nurturing Sustainability from Shell to Shelf Prasanna Redapangu, Vamsi Krishna Muvva, Alekhya P, Naga Prapurna P.V., Rajmohan Soundararajan
6 197 Estimation of performance for ammonia run dual fuel diesel engine at varying operating parameters Uriti Srinivas M K Patro, Chunchula Rajesh Babu, Sukanta Roy, Bhaskor Jyoti Bora, Prabhakar Sharma, Sunil S
7 198 Green synthesis of silver(Ag) doped zinc oxide nanoparticles and its adsorptive studies on removal of methylene blue dye K.M.N.Chandrika, Y.Bhavani, Prof.N.Chitti babu, K.Manaswini, G.Jyothee pallavi
8 213 Utilizing Low-Cost Ionic Liquids for effective pre-treatment of lignocellulosic Biomass Mixtures Sanyam Jain, Shushil Kumar, Hari Mahalingam and Sathyanarayana N. Gummadi
9 37 Performance of the teetered bed separator for beneficiation of Indian iron ore fines Biswakant Pradhan, Sumanta Mohanta, Ipsita Dipamitra Behera, Satyabrata Mohanta

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 73 Synthesis of n-type semiconductor Molybdenum Diselenide for the application of visible-light photocatalytic degradation and water-splitting Shubham Raj, Amar Nath Samanta
2 124 Green synthesis and Characterization of antifungal Broccoli copper Nano particles and its Antifungal activity Ramya Goli , Kondapalli Vineela, Jyothi Sravani Vegesna, Kaveri Gosu, Chandana Thummaneni , Meena Vangalapati
3 144 Immobilization of Pd/fe Bimetallic Nanoparticle on aerobic granules: Biosynthesis, characterization, and batch removal Studies Divya P And Mrudula P
4 150 Green Synthesis of Aloe vera-Mediated Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles: Their Characterization and Enhanced Oil Recovery Applications Raj Nigam , Biswajit Pati , Vartika Verma
5 207 Templated gCNNCl: A Solar-Powered Champion for Organic Dye Degradation Rajmohan Soundararajan; Ramkishore Kumar Dhora
6 209 Transforming Waste into Valuables: Harnessing Plant and Waste-Derived Nanomaterials for Agricultural Progress Kalyan Sai, Dhanush, Prasanna R. Redapangu
7 84 Development of polylactic acid/poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) blend films via solution casting route and their characterization Vishnu Vardhan, K , Kumari, S. V. G, And Pugazhenthi, G.
8 161 A Study on Alkali Treatment Influence on Sorghum (Jowar) Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites Venkata Saikumar Reddy Ravipati, Mohana Krishnudu Doni, Lakshmana Rao Jeeru And Venkateshwar Reddy Pathapalli
9 67 Electrical conduction and Dielectric relaxation properties of EVA/BiGdO3 composites Minakshi Padhy
10 202 Green synthesis of Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles and its adsorptive studies on removal of Crystal Violet dye M.Venkatesh ,K.Manaswini, N.Chitti Babu
11 93 Design and synthesis of S-scheme ZnMn2O4/ZIF-67 heterostructure for Improved Photocatalytic CO2 reduction Radhapada Manna, Amar Nath Samanta

Day 3 (21 Feb, 2024)

09:30 AM - 10:30 AM: Keynote-Talk

Dr. Resmi Suresh, Shell India Private Limited.

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 7 Understanding the transport mechanism of lithium ions in lignin added PVA-based eutectogel: A Molecular Dynamics Study Aradhana Thombre, Rontu Das, Debashis Kundu
2 10 Molecular Dynamic Simulations of Thiol-Norbornene Crosslinked Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogel Rontu Das, Debashis Kundu
3 121 Enhancing solar dryer performance through computational fluid dynamics in forced convection conditions Bhirendra Kumar, Sewan Das Patle, Satish Kumar Dewangan
4 154 Numerical analysis on the transport of TiO2 nanoparticles in fractured porous media Jino Lawrence, Berlin Mohanadhas, Natarajan Narayanan, Vanav Kumar Alagarsamy, Vasudevan Mangottri
5 13 Deep Eutectic Solvent Screening and its Interactions Study with Asphaltene on Porous Rock Surface (calcite) using DFT Mazharuddin Quazi, Debashis Kundu
6 158 Design and Comparative analysis of Controllers for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Srinivasarao Divi, Srinu Konkipudi, Hanumanthu Jenne
7 102 Air Pollution Source Apportionment of Navi Mumbai Using Cmb & Pmf Model Shraddha Gaikwad, Vikas Varekar

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 193 Attention-based recurrent neural networks for multistep forecasting and proactive temperature control in vanadium redox flow battery systems Shahzeb Tariq, ChangKyoo Yoo, Seshagiri Rao Ambati
2 167 Machine Learning Prediction of Pyro-product yields from Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste Ramesh Potnuri, Maheswata Lenka, Chinta Sankar Rao
3 19 Estimation of Polymer Product Properties Using Data Science Sangireddy Venkata Bhargava Sai Reddy, Tarun Kumar Gopalayyagari
4 172 Artificial Neural Network-Enhanced EMMS Drag Model for Efficient Simulation of Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed Kushagra Singh , Mahesh Nadda, Ashutosh Yadav
5 25 Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based PID Control of an Autocatalytic Reaction with Deactivation in a Nonlinear CSTR Raju Yerolla, Suhailam P , Chandra Shekar Besta
6 118 Adversarial Machine Learning Models for Anomaly Detectors in Process Systems Shaik Abdul Kalam, Venkata Reddy Palleti
7 194 Explainable machine learning techniques for effluent quality prediction in sewage treatment units Chandra Sainadh Srungavarapu and Seshagiri Rao Ambati
8 164 Exploring the Impact of Torrefaction Temperature: Machine Learning Predictions in Biomass Energy Raghavendra R, Movva Chandrika, Mathangi Haswanth, Chinta Sankar Rao
9 199 Development of Robust Moving Window Maximum Likelihood Estimator based on Hybrid Machine Learning Algorithm Nandana Sabu, Kirti Sharma, Jayaram Valluru
10 208 Prediction Of Energy Requirement To Operate Wastewater Treatment Plants Using Machine Learning Methods Rohit Kumar, Vishal Jitendra Pandey, Seshagiri Rao Ambati
11 143 Machine Learning Models for Prediction of Biochar yield from Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis of Agricultural Waste Biomass Ramesh Potnuri, Chinta Sankar Rao

02:45 PM -03:15 PM: Keynote-Talk

Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni, IIT Kharagpur

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 72 Suction Characteristics of Crude Oil and Diesel Contaminated Soil. Nenavath Raj Kumar, Satish Maurya, Abhinav Gusain, Kaling Taki
2 129 Isolation, Screening and Construction of a Microbial Consortium from Formation Water and its applicability for MEOR Shilpa Nandi, Lalit M. Pandey and Pankaj Tiwari
3 168 Tight-binding model study of Electronic band structure and tunnelling conductance of hexagonal bilayer Boron nitride Sivabrata Sahu, Rashmi Rout, G. C. Rout
4 108 Construction of a consortium to evaluate its potential in biosurfactant production and crude oil degradation Smrity Sonbhadra, Lalit M. Pandey
5 165 Removal of the Brominated Flame Retardants from Waste Printed Circuit Board using Organic Solvent prior to Pyrolysis Bibari Boro, Pankaj Tiwari
6 78 Insights into Biomass Gasification: A Statistical Analysis Deepanshu Awasthi, Arghya Datta, Tapas Kumar Patra, Nikhil Gakkhar, Amrit Pal Toor
7 147 Design of Modified Concrete Mix by Using GGBS, Steel Fibre and Recycled Aggregate Makrand Tichkule, Dr. Vikas Varekar
8 223 Experimental Solvent Screening of Potential Ionic Liquid for Post Combustion CO2 Capture Process Kalpana G, Dhanalakshmi, Raghul Kumar, Santhoh G D B

S.No. Paper ID Title Authors
1 106 Effect of Alkali Biosurfactant Nanofluid on Interfacial Tension, Contact Angle in an Oil-Water Systems Anurag Mishra, Pankaj Tiwari, Lalit Mohan Pandey
2 109 Exploring the molecular mechanism of vasicine derivatives for breast cancer through network pharmacology and In-silico studies Komal Andarghiske, Bhanukiran Kancharla, Rasha Ksirri, Siva Hemalatha
3 63 Better incident data management through the analyses of process safety incidents within the Indian oil and gas, and refining industries P. K. Shrivastava, M. Murthy, N. Gopinathan
4 75 Phytochemical Constituents, Cytotoxic evaluation and molecular docking Analysis of methanol extract of root of Gloriosa superba Linn: A Lead for Anticancer Drug Development Manjunatha B.K, Sreenivasa Rao Amaraneni
5 79 A Novel Approach on Synthesis and Characterization of Magnesium Titanate Solomon Godwin Babu N. D, Vijetha Ponnam, Sharmila S, Nagesh Chaganti R.V.S, Subbaiah Tondepu
6 222 CO2 Desorption of Carbon Loaded Aqueous Amine Blended with Ammonium Based Ionic Liquids Dhanalakshmi J, Santhosh G D B, Raghul Kumar, Muthumari P
7 103 Monitoring of Sewage Sludge Characteristics for Performance Assessment of Sewage Treatment Plant Shravan Deepak Ayalwar; Vikas Varekar


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