Ongoing Research Projects

S.No File No.s Principal Investigator Project Titles IIPE Project No.s Funding Agency Status of Project Duration Amount (Rs.)
1 B-22 Dr. Somnath Ghosh H2 Generation from Sea Water through Flue Gas Desalination (GH2-FGSW DeSal Plant)- Development, Design and Setup of 1 TPD Plant at Simhadri STPS IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/22 NTPC On going 31-12-2023 to 30-12-2029 346,313,304.00
2 B-21 Prof. Seshagiri Rao Ambati Machine learning methods for water quality estimation and control in water resource recovery facilities towards circular economy and sustainability IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/21 DST On going 06-11-2023 to 05-11-2025 3,492,094.00
3 B-20 (Phase 02) Dr. Dipankar Pal, Dr. Chanchayya Gupta Chandaluri, Dr. Ravi Kumar Sonwani Development of sustainable and cost-effective strategy for corrosion mitigation in NTPC Simhadri IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/20 - 02 NTPC On going 01-11-2023 to 30-10-2025 4,142,560.00
4 B-20 (Phase 01) Dr. Raka Mondal, Dr. Kurada Venkata Krishnasri Development of sustainable and cost-effective strategy for corrosion mitigation in NTPC Simhadri IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/20 - 01 NTPC On going 01-11-2023 to 30-10-2025 2,448,135.00
5 B-19 Dr. Roshan Kumar Singh Joint interpretation of geophysical datasets over medium enthalpy Bakreswr geothermal province, Eastern Indian Shield: Exploring the energy transition potential in India IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/19 SRG On going 27-10-2023 to 26-10-2025 2,800,000.00
6 B-18 Dr. M. Ravi Kiran C3-C4 olefin synthesis from ethanol IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/18 SRG On going 23-10-2023 to 22-10-2025 2,122,740.00
7 B-17 Dr. H. Sharon Design, development and demonstration of compound parabolic concentrator (CPC) assisted photovoltaic module based novel co-generation system for power and potable water production IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/17 DST On going 17-10-2023 to 16-10-2024 2,971,140.00
8 B-16 Dr. Kumud Malika Tripathi Nanomaterials based Biosensors for Non-invasive Monitoring of Plant Pest and Diseases IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/16 DST On going 12-09-2023 to 11-09-2026 3,053,880.00
9 B-15 Dr. Kumud Malika Tripathi 2D-3D heterostructure based Green Catalyst for the Efficient Capture and Conversion of CO2 into Green Fuels via Artificial Photosynthesis IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/15 OIL On going 06-07-2023 to 05-07-2025 12,581,452.64
10 B-14 Dr. Ramunaidu Models-based Artificial Intelligence Methods for Sparse Signal Recovery: Theory and applications in Imaging IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/14 NBHM On going 10-05-2023 to 09-05-2026 1,646,900.00
11 B-13 Dr. Roshan Kumar Singh Research Project on Geoscientific data analysis of Kerala-Konkan Basin IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/13 DGH On going 01-05-2023 to 01-11-2023 825,000.00
12 B-12 Dr P Aparoy Molecular modelling and Simulation studies to get insights into the inhibitor binding site in Isocitrate Dehydrogenase -1 mutants: In silico and experimental studies to develop novel anti-cancer therapeutics IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/12 ICMR On going 01-04-2023 to 31-03-2026 3,980,602.00
13 B-11 Dr. Kurada Venkata Krishnasri SBIf-XRD Analytical Lab IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/11 SBIF On going 21-03-2023 to 20-03-2026 39,400,000.00
14 B-10 Prof. Vijaya Kumar. K Petrographic Characterisation of Kimberlite Clan of Rocks (KCRs) from Central Indian Diamond Provence IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/10 NMDC On going 12-12-2022 to 11-12-2024 3,069,540.00
15 B-09 Dr. Rathan. S Design and Development of Numerical Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/09 NBHM On going 09-12-2021 to 08-12-2024 1,620,400.00
16 B-08 Dr. Sheshagiri Rao Development of Advanced Automatic Control based Wastewater Treatment Process towards Sustainable Water-Food-Energy Nexus IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/08 DST On going 31-03-2021 to 30-03-2024 6,748,790.00
17 B-07 Dr. Rajat Jain Experimental Studies on the Application of PP Based Shockwave Generation Technology for EOR Jobs IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/07 BRNS On going 14-02-2021 to 13-02-2024 3,401,176.00
18 B-06 Dr. Kumud Malika Tripathi Development of Ultra-Sensitive Sensors based on Graphene Quantum Dots for the Noninvasive Diagnoses of Cancer via breath analysis. Ramalingaswami Fellowship. IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/06 DBT On going 23-01-2020 to 22-01-2025 11,410,000.00
19 B-05 Dr. P Aparoy Development of 5-LOX specific scoring function and application of fragment-based free energy methods for the development of novel anti-cancer drug candidates IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/05 ICMR Completed 25-09-2019 to 31-03-2023 7,000,000.00
20 B-04 Dr. Venkata Reddy (Co-PI) A two-track approach to CPS Reconnaissance: causal-graphs and axiomatic design IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/04 NRF Completed 02-09-2019 to 01-09-2021 447,172.00
21 B-03 Prof. Shalivan (Co-PI) Crustal structure and Electrical LAB beneath Rajmahal Trap and Dalma Volcanics from magnetotelluric Investigations IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/03 MoES Completed 12-07-2018 to 11-07-2021 8,946,400.00
22 B-02 Dr. P Aparoy Development of 12-LOX specific scoring function and pharmacophore model: Design and biological evaluation of novel natural product-derived inhibitors IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/02 ICMR Completed 23-08-2018 to 31-12-2021 4,048,250.00
23 B-01 Dr. Chanchayya Gupta Chandaluri Block copolymer - DNA based template for conductivity Tunable Polyaniline Electronic Devices IIPE/DORD/PROJECT/01 NST (DST) Completed 07-08-2017 to 06-08-2023 1,267,038.00

DGH : Directorate General of Hydrocarbons
OIL : Oil India Limited
DBT : Department of Biotechnology
DST : Department of Science and Technology
NBHM : National Board for Higher Mathematics
MoES : Ministry of Earth Sciences
ICMR : Indian Council of Medical Research
BRNS : Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences
DST : Department of Science and Technology
NMDC : National Mineral Development Corporation
NBHM : National Board for Higher Mathematics