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In accordance with the Section 7 of IIPE first Statutes and 5th resolution of the 8th meeting of the BoG held on 30.10.2020, the Senate of IIPE is reconstituted, comprising the following members
Sl No. Name Position
1 Prof. Shalivahan, Director, Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy, Visakhapatnam Ex-officio Chairperson
2 Prof. Suddhasatwa Basu, F.N.A.Sc, FRSC ,Director, CSIR – IMMT Bhubaneswar Member
3 Shri Saloma Yomdo CGM (Res) & Head, COEES OIL India Ltd. Member
4 Shri. SK Ghulyani, Executive Director (Training and HR-Policy)/OIC, GTI Member
5 Prof. K Vijaya Kumar Dean (Research & Development) Ex-officio Member
6 Dr. A Seshagiri Rao Associate Professor Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs) Ex-officio Member
7 Dr. Deepak Amban Mishra, Asst. Professor Associate Dean (Academic Affairs & Admin) Ex-officio Member
8 Dr. Pratibha Biswal Asst. Professor Associate Dean (Students’ Affairs) Ex-officio Member
9 Dr. P Aparoy Asst. Professor Associate Dean (Research & Development) Ex-officio Member
10 Dr. G Nagesh Asst. Professor Associate Dean (Planning Resources & Alumni) Ex-officio Member
11 Dr. Rajat Jain Asst. Professor DIC, Petroleum Engineering Ex-officio Member
12 Dr. P Venkata Reddy Asst. Professor DIC, Chemical Engineering Ex-officio Member
13 Dr. Arun Kumar Pujari Asst. Professor DIC, Mech. Engg. & other Engg. Programs Ex-officio Member
14 Dr. Somnath Ghosh Asst. Professor DIC, Humanities & Sciences Ex-officio Member
15 Dr. Himangshu Kakati Asst. Professor PIC Examination Cell Member
16 Dr. Ranjan Pramanik Asst. Professor, IIPE Member
17 Dr. CV Rao Asst. Professor, IIPE Member
18 Dr. R Ramunaidu Asst. Professor, IIPE Member
19 Dr. T Hemanth Kumar Asst. Professor, IIPE Member

Special  Invitees

01 Prof. B.C. Meikap SPOC, Mentor Institute IIT Kharagpur. Special Invitee
02 Shri Deepak V Shastry Ex-ED (Training, R&D as Start Up), GAIL (India) Ltd. & Ex-Director, GAIL Gas Ltd Special Invitee
03 Shri V Ratanraj CGM (I/c) & ED, Visakha Refinery, HPCL Special Invitee
04 Shri Rama Sakthivel Site Manager, Shell Technology Centre, Bangalore, Shell India (Pvt) Ltd. Special Invitee

Ex-officio Secretary

01 Dr. B Muralikrishna, Registrar (I/c), IIPE Ex-officio Secretary