Dr.VSRK Prasad



Welcome abode all the stakeholders into the world of Indian Institute of Petroleum and Energy.  I take the honour and privilege to cherish their substantial impetus sustained through the last few years in the transformation of this institute as one among the cherry picked institution of International repute and national standing on par with IITs and IIMs.  The Institution is created through IIPE Act by the Parliament in 2017 under the aegis of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India abiding the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2014.

The Institution draws its energy propelling the institutional synergy vehemently to realize the outcomes of our vision, mission and quality policies ethically enshrined to lead the tentacles in the domain of diverse energy extension across platforms through up-to-date tailor-made industry ready curriculum and ushered contemporary developments shouldered under the supervision and foresight of our most vigilant and enterprising faculty.

The institution, though presently located in leased premises, is planning to develop its premises such that its objectives of providing the fraternity of students and faculty with the state-of-the art physical and intellectual infrastructure in the teaching and learning process are achieved.  It is encouraging by financing the thought processes for publications on the nostrum of national and international conferences and avenues periodically in the campus along with extra-curricular activities for nurturing over all   personality.

The institution is committed to healthy and worthy knowledge practices according MoUs with universities of National and International eminence.  In this pursuit, we installed innovation lab in the present curriculum and is planning for energy park in its permanent campus.  Along the lineage of these best practices the institution is keen to increase its array of courses enrolling a Ph.D in the commencing academic year and M.Tech in the next academic year.

I am enthralled in the midst of this hub of multi-dimensional activities by the unfolded visits to the campus of His Highness the Vice President of India Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, His Highness the Governor of Andhra Pradesh Shri Biswa Bhushan Hari Chandan, most reverenal Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, esteemed CMD & Chairman of HPCL Shri M.K. Surana and other profluent stature of National and International domain.

In the wake of this inclement weather, dwelling havoc and catastrophic emergence  at the threshold of human existence due to COVID-19, I humbly urge the intra institutional and energy front runners to foray into the initiatives of environmental friendly aspects of energy expedition like Shale gas and other alternatives within the purview of nature conscience.

On the onset of institutional capacity building measures and as testimony of initiatives and strategies like empowering employability skills, I see a phenomenal surge in the placement activities.  I earnestly appeal the oil companies to visit our campus – a talent pool of engineers with requisite skills who can solve challenging problems and add value to your organization. I am enthused to entail top-notch corporates of private and public sector HPCL, IOCL, INFOSYS, GAIL, OIL, RELIANCE, SHELL among others who have recruited or who have shown interest in recruiting our pool of skilled engineers.

I look forward to incorporate and nurture the dream of building and developing future environmental friendly energy extrusion best practices and management.    

Yours in the cause of academics,
(Dr. VSRK Prasad)
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